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The story of teslaprofits.com started in 2019 when we decided to extend mining operations. C1miny founders met each other through a bitcoin trading platform for the first time and the idea of web mining was formed there.
After a year of computer programming, the initial version of the platform was finally prepared in 2020. We do believe that cryptocurrency has a bright future and we have decided to be a powerful member of it.
teslaprofits.com is one of the most powerful modern companies providing the service of mining cryptocurrency in the globe which offers its services without limitation worldwide.
Our goal is to provide everyone with mining potentials easily.
By using the most recent technologies, we offer a multi-layered cloud mining service free of pool costs.The Map of Our Farms Abdication of responsibility.
The presented data centers show only a part of mining operations. Since security and customer support are our top priorities, we do not list all data centers. Yet, we can film and provide live feeds from low-risk centers and we do this without disclosure of confidential information or critical intellectual property
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